Reliant Ribbon Corp is currently doing an update of sales tax exemption certificates. In order to continue purchasing without paying sales tax our team needs to receive your new exemption certificate right away. A blank form is available for download.

Download NJ Certificate

Reliant Ribbon Corp is required to collect sales and/or use taxes on your purchases unless provided with a current valid resale/exemption certificate(s) for the state(s) that your company’s purchases are shipped. Reliant Ribbon Corp respectfully requests that its customers complete a new sales tax exemption certificate(s) in order to continue selling to your company on a sales tax exempt basis. When completing the exemption certificate(s), please enter Reliant Ribbon Corp as the Name of the Seller. Once you have submitted a valid exemption certificate you will not be required to do so again until the next expiration date.

To submit a new exemption certificate, please click the link below and use the request code sent to you via Email:
CertExpress Website:
Request Code: Has been sent to you via email

(Section below optional if you wish to send directly to Reliant Ribbon)

Download NJ Certificate

You may date and sign the enclosed resale/exemption certificate(s) and return the certificate(s)  to Reliant Ribbon Corp attention: 
Receivables at
Fax number 360-483-0404
or by mail to RELIANT RIBBON CORP  838 21ST AVENUE, PATERSON, NJ 07513

Avalara is working with Reliant Ribbon Corp to collect the sales tax exemption certificates. Should you have any questions regarding the completion of the forms, please contact Stephanie at Tel: 973-321-9614 or email STEPHANIE@RELIANTRIBON.COM or Sam at Tel: 973-321-9625 or email SAMS@RELIANTRIBBON.COM  and they will be glad to assist you to expedite the process.

Please complete this request, if not we will have no choice but to begin charging sales tax on your future transactions. Thank you for your cooperation and prompt response in this matter.


Tax Exemption Certificate Team -